Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II Final Demo Out Now

Even with the confusing naming scheme, I’m excited to finally play a new Bravely title. Sure, it’s been a while and we’ve had one demo earlier this year, but the last mainline game was back in 2016. Bravely Second was a direct continuation of Bravely Default and while the naming scheme confused me (and still does) it’s nice to see that the developers understand they messed up when naming the second game.

“For Bravely Default II, we’re kind of going back to our roots. And for the players who are experiencing this as their first Bravely game to enjoy it to the fullest, we need to completely refresh the world and the characters,” says Tomoya Asano, Producer. “So we gave it a lot of thought: what kind of title would convey that this is a brand-new story with brand-new characters, and moreover, this is a completely new entry in the Bravely series?”

By adding II to the naming scheme, signifies it is a new game with new characters.

In just a few months, we’ll be playing with the finished product. For now though, the final demo is now available on Nintendo Switch and anyone who downloads the demo between now and February 26, 2021, will receive 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points. You can play through the first chapter with