Born of Bread

Born Of Bread Delayed Out of Summer, Comes Out Of Oven This Fall

Baking time is going to take a bit longer for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

Upcoming Paper Mario-inspired adventure RPG, Born of Bread has been delayed out of its previously revealed summer window as Publisher Dear Villagers and developer WildArts has announced it is now aiming to complete its game’s  “baking time” for this fall instead.

“We know Born of Bread is taking slightly longer to bake than we expected, but it’ll be worth the wait. The best pastries take time, and we think we want to create the perfect blend of RPG ingredients. We’re confident that the final dish will be delicious indeed when Born of Bread launches this fall,” WildArts lead designer and programmer Nicolas Lamarche said in a press release.

If this is your first time hearing about the game, Born of Bread is a colourful 2.5D hybrid turn-based RPG that harkens back to classic cartoon-like RPGs from yesteryears with a “wacky storyline” of our hero, Loaf, who is a golem made entirely out of bread. Loaf is a very innocent bread boy with a never-ending childlike wonder and odd abilities as he makes friends with Born of Bread‘s cast of fleshed-out characters.

Players can nibble on the world’s mysteries as Loaf explores locals, like the enigmatic ruins of the Forest of Roots, the freezing landscapes of Frosty Flats, and much more in the game’s primary campaign or side missions. While turn-based, Born of Bread also features a bit of real-time gameplay with the game’s small attempt at puzzle via mini-games

Born of Bread is now set to release on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch this fall – if you want to try out the game, a demo is already available on all slated platforms.