Bloodborne PSX

You Can Play the Bloodborne PSX Demake on PC

While it isn’t Bloodborne on PC, there is a wonderful fan project that demakes Bloodborne to resemble a classic PSX game.

Visiting Yharnam is never a treat, but it is when a fan project like this is able to launch without any issues for everyone to enjoy. The gothic city is blood-soaked and filled with terrors is a project almost 13 months in the making for Lilith Walther, the developer behind this fan project.

The demake features the first two major bosses of Bloodborne, 10 weapons to use, and Walther even went the extra step to make sure that this demake resembles a game developed like it was back during the PSX era. There’s even a special cover and soundtrack available.

Get the Bloodborne PSX demake here.