Blockbuster Inc

Blockbuster Inc. Is Shooting To Be A Sequel To ‘The Movies’

Nearly 20 years ago, the legendary Lionhead studios lent their unique brand of top-down RPG to the movie business in the simply-titled, award-winning business simulator The Movies.

Since then, movie-related video games have been small indie simulators and those tie-in games we hate discussing.

Super Sly Fox‘s Blockbuster Inc. is very much the earlier of those two. It’s the Greek studio’s “introducing” game!

Blockbuster Inc. adopts an arcade-like Two Point style, where you have an entire studio backlot to add your take to real-world films or create features that live rent-free in your head.

The entire lot is yours to do with as you please! Build highly customizable sets, bankroll projects with executive and administration offices, and keep your studio beautiful and cutting-edge to attract the best talent.

Your overall goal: direct! Take complete control of your movie’s scenes, set lighting, and effects. Build out each film’s best cast and crew and chart our course into the Filmwood Hall of Fame!

Blockbuster Inc. is coming to a PC near you on June 6th. Wishlist it now!