Block N Load Official Game Trailer


Runescape developer, Jagex is launching Block N Load, which takes inspiration from both Minecraft and Team Fortress launches today on Steam with a free weekend.


Choose your hero, select your block load-out, and get in game to fight it out across highly-destructible arenas. Each team will need inventive tactics and impressive strategies to destroy the opposition’s generator cubes in sequence, before claiming victory.

Block N Load’s creative gameplay features ever-evolving arenas full of possibilities – and with six launch heroes and a wide range of blocks to use in game, there are a wealth of unique construction and combat gameplay tactics for players to explore and develop. Players will discover the pros, perilsand pratfalls of different team make-ups and block load-outs as they take on their opponents. Tunnel under the map, sky-bridge over it, blow it up, build it over, team up, build traps and epicdefences – the options are endless and your combat tactics are everything.

“We’ve tried to do something different with Block N Load. We wanted to make a game wherebuilding is as important as bullets, where smarts are as important as skills, and where players could contribute to their team in their way,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load. “We can’t wait to see the creativity and invention of those that play Block N Load now that it’s live. Today’slaunch is only the beginning. We have a player first mentality, and we look forward to an exciting journey with the players as the game evolves.”



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