Diablo 4

Blizzard Details Diablo 4 Endgame

Hot off the heels of the massively popular beta period, Blizzard is ready to reveal what players can expect in June when they hit the endgame in Diablo 4

In a blog post on the studio’s website, Into the Endgame details what you’ll be dealing with once the campaign is wrapped up. Associate game director Joseph Piepiora, game director Joe Shely, lead game producer Kayleigh Calder, and game producer Ash Sweetring break down Capstone and Nightmare dungeons, Paragon Boards and the Codex of Power, OVerworld experiences, and Fields of Hatred.

World Tiers

Once you’ve wrapped up the campaign, you can then set higher World Tier difficulties by engaging and completing Capstone Dungeons. The advantages of moving the World Tier high equates to better loot.

Paragon System

Using the Paragon System means you’ll give yourself more opportunities to create and refine the perfect character build going beyond the Initial Skill Tree. You can choose a path and which boons and glyphs you want to follow based on how you play.

Codex of Power

By adding to the Codex of Power and finding Aspects within the dungeons you explore, you can then take the items found and turn them into even more powerful items.

Nightmare Dungeons

Blizzard says there are over 120 dungeons in Sanctuary and any of them can become a Nightmare Dungeon. With a Nightmare Sigil, you can activate it to turn any dungeon into a Nightmare with more difficult objectives and challenges.

Stronger Enemies, Massive Rewards

Once you’ve hit the endgame, stronger enemies will be roaming Sanctuary and you’ll defeat these monsters in Helltide areas to collect shards that can then be turned in at caches for massive rewards

Fields of Hatred

If you think you’re tough enough to handle other players, then you’ll want to check out the Fields of Hatred. This is where PvP events happen and you can engage other players or work on tasks to collect shards which then need to be purified in town. Be wary though as everyone is there for shards and only the strongest will obtain them and live to talk about them.

As this is a live service game, Diablo 4 will have continuos updates long after launch.

The next Developer Livestream will be on April 20 and is expected to be further in-depth.

Diablo 4 will officially launch on June 6 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.