Bleak Sword DX

Bleak Sword DX Gets Steam Next Fest Demo

Devolver Digital is back at it with a new title that will immediately catch your eye. Working with More8Bit, Bleak Sword DX is moving away from Apple Arcade, where it has been one of the more exciting titles, and arriving on consoles.

The lo-fi battler is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC later this year and a demo is available today per Steam Next Fest.

Expanding on the concept, Bleak Sword DX features retooled controls, three new game modes, and graphical and gameplay improvements. In over 12 levels, you play as a hero who must lift the curse of the Bleak Sword by destroying all the creatures invading the lands.

Bleak Sword DX features three new game modes:

  • DX includes all original Bleak Sword chapters plus the three DLC chapters with new levels and enemy layouts.
  • Randomizer throws players into a remixed version of the original game where levelling up or facing bosses in order is not guaranteed.
  • Boss Rush challenges players to face all 12 bosses back to back, with only one health bar.

Regarding gameplay changes, there are new attacks, parries, and counters better suited to playing on PC and console. Graphically, there are new post-processing effects, adaptive depth of field, and new filters to make everything look fresh.

Oh, and the soundtrack is composed by Jim Guthrie, which is always a bonus.