Blade Prince Academy

Strategy RPG Blade Prince Academy Announced For PC Alongside Kickstarter Campaign Launching On May 11th

A new strategy RPG is on the horizon as developer Angel Corp has announced their first game, Blade Prince Academy is coming to PC later this year with a Kickstarter campaign launching on May 11th, according to a press release. The interesting part of Blade Prince Academy is that it’s a rebrand of the title as the game was previously known as Wicked Aeons but for whatever reason the studio is going in a different direction under Publisher Firesquid Games.

Blade Prince Academy is described as a modern take on the strategy tactical RPG genre and will feature an “anime-inspired” art style with gameplay focused on “dynamic and deep tactical real-time combat with an emphasis on timing and combos.” Looking at the trailer of the game, it definitely feels like the game looks and plays like some of Supergiant Games’ most recent games specifically Transistor and Hades which is honestly a compliment as those are some great games to be compared to.

The Blade Prince Academy takes place in the setting of the dark city of Abjectali as players take control of highly-trained magical assassins known as the Blade Princes who are enrolled in the titular academy. It’s their job to protect the city as the Blade Princes face off with all sorts of creatures and forces including gangs, cults, and vampires threatening the safety of the school while unravelling a mystery throughout your playthrough. To help players combat them, they’ll learn new abilities in the game’s skill tree while growing their social relationships with other team members with choices impacting them emotionally; similar to the Fire Emblem and Persona games.

Some of the game’s key features are listed below:

  • True Real-Time with Pause – Perfect your control of movement and attacks to gain the upper hand in any situation.
  • Combo System – Combine attacks and abilities with the right effects to generate powerful combos.
  • Relationships – Your choices will impact the Blade princes and how they feel about each other, which in turn affects their lives as well as the best strategy to adopt.
  • Pacts – Powerful rituals that change the abilities and skills of a character.
  • Talent Trees – Manage upgrades and unlock skills. Gradually gain access to more and more powerful spells!
  • Spell Loadout – Define your strategy from many available spells before each mission.
  • Challenging Boss Fights – Fight unique bosses with terrifying powers. These fights will require complete mastery of the combat system and combos.

Blade Prince Academy is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam later this year with a Kickstarter campaign launching on May 11th.