Blacklyte Desk and RGB Lights

Blacklyte Announces First Slate Of Slick New Lifestyle Products

The Canadian-founded company has a big presale going on

A new name has entered the gaming lifestyle fray, with Blacklyte showing off its initial line of products, from LED strips to chairs and desks.

The company now has three gaming chairs in black, white, and pink. Blacklyte says they are designed for long-term use and can be tailored to several users.


“Soft cloud-like comfort with high density padding. The 4 3/8 inch foam molds to your body shape, distributing your weight evenly and eliminating pressure points for a blissful gaming experience.”

A full feature list and pricing can be found at the bottom of this article.

There will also be an Area line of chairs that have not been made available yet, but the company says that news is coming soon.


The Atlas Desk is an adjustable surface with several other handy features. First up is the headphone hook, so you can have it nearby whenever you’re ready. The desk can reach up to 1250mm or just over 4ft in height. A cool feature for anyone who’s a fan of some lighting is the Phantom RGB included with the desk, “The lighting will illuminate according to the mood or setting of the game.”

Finally, there are several ways to keep your surface clean and orderly with wire management throughout the desk.

Most of the products are already available at retail price, with a few others coming soon.

See below for the complete list of features and pricing on their items so far:


MSRP: $699.99 CAD | $499.99 USD

Presale Promo: $499.99 CAD | $379.99 USD

Features & Benefits:

  • Luxury roller blade wheels
  • Lumbar support pillow helps promote healthy posture
  • Head pillow helps support the neck
  • Full metal 4D armrests
  • Lay flat with a 165-degree recline
  • Three colours currently available: Black, White, Pink

Size: 170-189cm <100kg

Material: CottonFlax

Warranty: 3yrs

BLACKLYTE Atlas Gaming Desk

  • Surrounded by RGB UV LED lights
  • Electrical height adjustment with 3 customizable presets
  • Cable management – compartment to keep cables hidden and desktop clean
  • Desktop – Metal w/ a full magnetic mousepad
  • Lights – Get immersed in your game! The desk will link to your game, show your health bar and light up in situations
  • Shelving – a home for your gaming desktop
  • Accessories – Magnetic cable anchors, headphone holder, cup holder

Height range: 26in to 49in

Max Weight: 265lbs

Warranty: 3yrs