Biped Comes To PlayStation Next Week

NExT Studios is bringing their upcoming co-op action-adventure game to PlayStation 4 next week, as part of the five indie games revealed today.

The studio took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about their game. The game is composed of co-op missions, solo missions, and extra hard missions. Most missions are intended to be done in co-op and the biggest challenge lies in the extra hard missions the game offers.

Biped may take place on planet Earth, but it’s actually Earth in another dimension and time, where human beings don’t inhabit the planet and bipeds have built planetary facilities in the wild. At the beginning of the game, a galactic anomaly unexpectedly “turns off” the light beacons on Earth, and it’s up to these little robots to descend to Earth, locate the beacons, and restore them.

Biped launches next week.