Biomutant Video Features Character Creator And More

Over the weekend, THQ Nordic revealed a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming title, Biomutant. Scheduled for release sometime this year, this game we know next to nothing about, has piqued my interest.

The game which is being developed by Experiment 101, was on display this weekend at PC Gamer Weekender, and the studio spoke about Biomutant at the convention. For starters, how you design your character will have some effect on how they look and move. There are six attributes to pick from when creating your character, and studio co-founder, Stefan Ljungqvist, took to the live stream to speak about these things in-depth; if you increase your intelligence, for example, you’ll have a bigger head. More strength will have a bigger body and more agility will make your character smaller and nimble.

Also, there are somewhere around 500,000 combinations of weapons to choose from, as each weapon has its own category, including modules that tweak the way weapons work, you can use ice bullets or a poisoned blade if you choose to have those in your arsenal.

Biomutant will also feature a dynamic weather system as well as seasonal gameplay, and an assortment of fighting styles you can learn as you progress, with things like “chicken-fu,” and “gun-fu.”