Biomutant Gets New Gameplay Trailer

I can’t remember the last time I heard anything about Biomutant but thankfully, someone remembered and IGN has some new footage to show today.

Speaking to Stefan Ljungqvist, the Creative Director working on Biomutant, we saw new footage and also new information. As part of the IGN’s Summer of Gaming, we learn about the character creator, combat, and RPG mechanics, as well as minor storyline details.

From the video, we see some gorgeous locations found with the world of Biomutant, and after watching the clip, I remember why I was so interested in this game before – it’s gorgeous!

Biomutant has gone through a long development cycle and the game was originally announced back in 2017. Over the years, delays have left us wondering if it was coming at all but this latest trailer has done wonders for the graphics.

There is still no release date but developer Experiment 101 is hard at work squashing bugs at the moment.