Bike Rider DX Review

Bike Rider DX sounds highly generic and plain. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was completely wrong. Bike Rider DX is a platformer and an enjoyable one at that.

The game has two modes – World Tour, which is level based, and my favourite part, and Grand Prix, which are endless levels. The levels consist of France, India, Switzerland and more, each beautiful in their simplicity.

The World Tour levels consist of five stages for each location and the objective of collecting the three coins throughout the level. The premise of the game is a basic platformer, and the fun part is learning to time your jump – up to quintuple jump. I never got higher than that but I’m sure it’s possible to go higher. The levels are short and sweet and consist of platforms and obstacles to avoid.

4464With each world you unlock you get access to a new feature that adds something new to the game and keeps everything refreshing. The levels vary enough that you don’t feel as though they are a re-skin of previous worlds. Each level has its own jumps, pits and power-ups that are fun to encounter.

The Grand Prix mode is where Bike Rider DX resembles an endless runner. You have two difficulty modes and with that, you go as long as you can before you die. The game saves your 10 best attempts and there is always room for improvement.

Bike Rider DX has some nice awards to achieve. These include using power-ups for as first time, or getting a quintuple jump in World Tour mode, and etc. These awards can add hours to a play through and aren’t overly frustrating to unlock them all if you persist.

4466If you feel as if the name is off-putting than don’t you worry, the game is awesome and a great addition to any 3DS. The game is polished and addicting and has so much to offer if you chose to complete everything available. Buttery controls and beautiful but simple levels make this one of my new favourite endless runners/platformers.


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