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Big Changes Are Coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s Esports Program

During the Rainbow Six Seige Invitational, Ubisoft Montreal sat down to outline the major changes that will be seen in the esports program moving forward. Following the Season XI Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in São Paulo, Brazil on May 16th and 17th, the Siege esports program will clean up its timeline and shift towards a regionalized structure.

North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, the four pillars making up the Siege esports frame, will be transitioning to a more coherent format that will hopefully be easier to follow throughout each season moving forward.

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In order to do so, the Siege esports season will now be divided into four quarters. The first three quarters will fall under the banner of a “Stage”. At the end of each stage, all four regions will hold a Major tournament, where the best four teams within each region will play against one another. The fourth quarter will strickly be focused on regional finals and relegations. The fourth quarter will lead up to the Six Invitational each year, which will determine the best team of the season.

This new structure will also introduce a new ranking system across the board where the total points earned will determine placements leading to the end of the season. Ubisoft Montreal believes the new point system will assist in rewarding teams with sustained performances throughout the season. These performances will ripple from Majors and regional tournaments, impacting placements leading into the Six Invitational.

As mentioned, the Pro League Finals for Season XI will be held on May 16th and 17th in São Paulo, Brazil. Ubisoft Montreal has revealed which region will be hosting Majors in the next two years. In August, North America will host the first major of the new year before Europe holds theirs in November.

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Looking into 2021, the next Six Invitational will once again be held in February in Canada. Europe will then hold a Major in May, with North America’s Major following in August and finally Asia-Pacific holding theirs in November.

As for region-specific changes, there are a handful of tweaks that will impact the future of Rainbow Six Siege’s future. North America will continue to increase production and tournament quality throughout each season. Next year will see the introduction of the US Division with its own premier production and play. A Canadian Division will also find a space within the global competition stage.

Latin America will expand from eight teams to ten in Brazil while Mexico moves to an offline structure. South America will be expanding to Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. Due to these changes, Latin America will now be split into three Divisions––Brazil, Mexico, and South America. The Latin American program will be owned and operated by Ubisoft and the respected vendors.

Europe will expand to ten teams in the new year. The European programs will have a much more significant impact on the global program, hence forging a multi-tiered esports scene, inviting players from different levels to compete. FaceIT and LiveNation will be partnering with Ubisoft for the European League and associated events.

Finally, the Asia-Pacific region will be split into two divisions. The first will include the Northern areas such as Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia programs to build out a 12-team online league. The South Division will include the already established Oceanic teams as well as become a platform for up and coming regions in South Asia. ESL has been commissioned to handle the Asia-Pacific program.