Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Announced for Switch

Nintendo has announced a new Big Brain Academy title coming to the Nintendo Switch and from the looks of it, is ready to train your brain this holiday season. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is set to launch this holiday season on December 3, 2021.

The game is mainly meant to be played with friends and the draw of the game is being able to outsmart your friends. With an included Party Mode for up to four players, can go “brain vs. brain” to earn the highest points by quickly completing activities. Depending on the difficulty you’ve chosen from easy (Sprout Class) to hardest (Super Elite Class), the activities change based on the level and each player can even set their own difficulty level to balance the playing field. I think that’s a good way to offer accessibility to a group of players who want different things from the game.

But the core of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain are the different brain-teasers to tackle. These are made up of five categories – Identity, Memorize, Analyze, Compute and Visualize. Don’t fret — solo play is enabled and also up to three players locally, or even against others from across the world by using other players’ data available from the internet.

Nintendo also mentioned Test Mode. You’re essentially tested in a series of activities and then Dr. Lobe presents you with your Big Brain Brawn score. The more you test, the more coins you unlock and purchase clothes for your avatar. While it isn’t the next Brain Age, games like Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain are perfect to test your mental skills on the go or at home.