Sonic Frontiers

Here’s a Better Look at Sonic Frontiers

Yesterday IGN teased literal seconds of gameplay. Today, we have a better and longer look at the upcoming open-world Sonic Frontiers. I’m torn on the video after watching it.

While the video below sure does show a graphical improvement, I can’t say the rest is up to par. Gameplay-wise, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen before in a Sonic game.

Sonic is stranded on a mysterious island. It’s a new environment which is great but other than that, what we’re seeing feels aimless. The towers we see Sonic climb are impressive to look at but they don’t seem to add a challenge at all or anything other than a way to get a better look at the landscape.

The floaty plateaus, rails, towers, and puzzles look decent enough but there’s still work to do given the pop-in shown. Rails appear out of thin air in the video. I can certainly see how elements of Sonic Adventure have made their way into Frontiers but it’s still too soon to discern how much of an influence was used.

The music paints one picture but the gameplay draws another. It feels like a clash of opposing forces. Sonic’s speed clashes with the open-world setting because they are designed to be explored at your own pace.

I’m happy for Sonic fans that are excited for a new game in the series but first impressions matter. In future videos, I’d like to see something less open, more focused and something worthwhile.