Starfield Xbox video game releases

Bethesda Delays Redfall and Starfield

Look, I’m not going to quote what is likely a fake quote from Shigeru Miyamoto. Instead, I’ll see this is likely the right decision for both Starfield and Redfall.

Bethesda seemed pretty confident about the release date for Starfield but until know now we’ve seen very little of it. Redfall has also been away from the spotlight since initially being revealed and both games have done very little to keep people reminded these games are coming.

We last saw Starfield in March where the video below featured less than ten seconds of gameplay.

Now I’m wondering if Bethesda had much to show to fans but it seems like we don’t know much else. I have confidence in both Arkane Austin and Bethesda but I wish they had some confidence in telling fans more about their titles before having the game launch.

It also feels like the pandemic has finally been felt and much of this year’s delays are tied to Covid-19. We’re seeing the downside of a creative industry being stuck at home working instead of in one building.

Bethesda has gone on to say we’ll be seeing more of Starfield soon and with June just around the corner, there is no better place than the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.