Bethesda Confirms Rage 2

After Walmart Canada leaked a dozen games for next month’s E3 conference in Los Angeles, Bethesda has been taking the leak of Rage 2 in stride, teasing Walmart on the leak, and playfully releasing viral leaks over the weekend, and today it became official: Rage 2 is coming.

The teaser trailer is a massive departure from the original game, with the reveal this time feeling more Mad Max-ish. It is certainly much more colorful, to say the least.

Aside from the reveal trailer, we don’t know anything more, and as id Software developed the original before moving onto DOOM, we’re still wondering who has taken the reins for this sequel.

Whatever happens, I can say that I’m curious how this will turn out, as the original was good but the ending was subpar in so many ways. Scouring the internet now, there are numerous posts discussing the ending which isn’t popular within the community, and for good reason – it just ended and left everything hanging!

We’ll post more tomorrow when the official gameplay reveal is made available