Some Of The Best Sports Titles Available

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We’ve all had that moment where playing a shooter, action, or adventure game just wasn’t going to cut it. You don’t feel like solving puzzles or anything extremely strenuous so you pop in a sports title to play, but which one?

PlayStation exclusive MLB ’17: The Show is the best baseball game around. The Sony-exclusive series is hands down the most detailed, most complete baseball series to date and Sony San Diego understands the sport, unlike any other studio. Each year, MLB The Show hits a full home run with the attention to detail, like a player’s stance, the multiplayer mode, Diamond Dynasty and the new Retro mode!


If baseball won’t work, NBA 2K17 might pique your interest. The visuals of 2K are bar-none the best in a sports series and the physics in the game are phenomenal here. The season mode is my favorite due to its realism even down to the injuries, and being able to play as iconic teams and superstars makes it even better. Nothing like playing with the best version of the Chicago Bulls (95-96!)

While not my favorite sports series, NHL 17 is the flagship series for the sport. EA has been doing this for 25 years, so I trust them on this. The gameplay gets deep if you invest your time into it, but it’s also easy to pick up play a game with your buddies when they come over or online against strangers. You can also learn the business side of things and manage your own team or create the Ultimate Team by an addicting card game that is extremely popular.

Sometimes, when I play with friends, we bet on these games, having a friend who has referred me to betting online through Virgin Games, but as well as, betting top 10, which can be equally as fun if you do it in moderation. It’s always a new way to keep things interesting,

My personal favorite series, EA Sports FIFA, is always a good time. Each year the graphics have gotten better, the game more refined, and innovative. We have the female teams in-game, a first for the series and soccer games, there’s also a FIFA branded Ultimate Team that I find to be the best part of the game for myself, the buying and selling aspect mixed in with creating the perfect starting eleven and playing with them.

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WWE 2K17 has a massive roster for use clocking in at over 120 wrestlers and departure from the THQ days has created a solid tribute to the sport. Want to create your own WWE Universe? There is a Universe mode that allows you to create WWE shows and pay-per-views, creating custom arenas and belts.

There are countless games to consume but if you’re looking for games that are highly entertaining – these are crowd pleasers that will give you hours of content that is engaging.