Best Buy Revealed What Joker Looks Like In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

While seeing the protagonist of Persona 5 in a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is weird itself, it’s also a crossover that has me eager to obtain him. In a series like Super Smash Bros. where cameos come from the weirdest franchises, I find myself thirsty for more cameos and more Phantom Thieves! Sadly, it looks like Joker’s the only one coming but it’s a bold choice for Nintendo!

So, I dig his new look. I thoroughly enjoy the changes (albeit minor it seems) and because of this leak coming from the official Best Buy website with the best look at Joker to date, I’m thinking this is finalized and in the oven ready for consumption. This looks like an amiibo from Nintendo so let’s see where this goes.

As for the Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the first character revealed in December was Joker, with Piranha Plant being a freebie from Nintendo. From what we know, Joker arrives in April, with his own stage and additional music tracks. I’m ready. You’ll never see it coming!




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