Belkin Just Revealed A Killer iPhone Charger + Dock

In the market to charge both your new iPhone and Apple Watch? Belkin has you covered. Unveiled today, the Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is a timeless looking way to charge your watch as well as your phone as you get ready for the next day.  Look at this thing its beautiful –


“Belkin is proud to introduce a charging solution in which we collaborated with Apple to ensure that the functionality and design aesthetically fit within the Apple ecosystem, while also serving as an elegant stand to display and conveniently store and charge both devices” said Melody Tecson, Director of Product Management at Belkin.


The Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone features a metal arm with chrome finish that securely holds the Apple Watch at a perfect angle for visibility and easy access, while the solid cast metal base adds stability when the devices are docked. The Charge Dock’s sleek finish complements your devices, and its compact size effortlessly blends in on any desk or bedside table.

The Belkin Charge Dock is available now for $129.99.