Beast Early Access November

Tactical RPG Beast Gets a Major Update With New Maps, Weapons, Enemies, and more!

The early access game gets its biggest update yet!

Brutal is the name of the game. Actually it’s Beast, but the team at False Prophet say the gridless tactical RPG is primed for players to jump in after its biggest update since becoming available in Steam back in October.

Beast is False Prophet’s debut title. They say they’re looking to “redefine the turn-based tactics genre by telling a brutal, grounded story with morally ambiguous characters. With gridless, turn-based tactics gameplay at the forefront, players are able to strategize to take down their foes on the battlefield.”

“As part of the new update, players can expect a slew of new missions across fresh maps, additional enemy types, companions, weapons, and new localization languages.”

Here’s the full list of additions and updates in this patch, adding to the first four that have already launched and numerous bug fixes and UX and UI changes:

  • Added 17 new missions on 13 new maps
  • Added 10 new enemy types and 5 new enemy classes
  • Added 19 new weapons
  • Added 9 new companions
  • Added 11 new cutscenes
  • Added 17 new camps
  • Added NVIDIA DLSS support
  • Added Nudity mode toggle to settings

Beast is available in Early Access on Steam right now and is Steam Deck compatible. The devs say is also and runs well on other PC handhelds.