Battlefront 3 Is Finally Coming Out…Kinda

Battlefront 3 Header

Remember 10 years ago when Battlefront games were actually good? Do you also remember that a 3rd Battlefront game was in the works but ended up getting cancelled? Well thanks to Frontwire Studios, the game is finally being released!

Well, sort of. ‘Galaxy in Turmoil’ is a game made based on some of the work already done by Free Radical Design back when the 3rd game was being made.

It looks like ‘Galaxy in Turmoil’ will give players everything that 2015’s Battlefront should have given them. The new game will feature a single-player campaign mode (yay), as well as a bunch of maps featuring tons of planets, ground and space battles, and battles that take place throughout the different times in the Saga.

The game is only being released on Windows PC (64-bit). There is no release date set so far, but, the game will be FREE!