Battlefield 2042 Season 6

Battlefield 2042 Tightens Up The Action With Season 6 ‘Dark Creations’

New map, weapons, skins, and balance adjustments

The teams at DICE and EA are bringing many changes to the latest season of Battlefield 2042. 

For Dark Creations, you and your squad are headed to Outer Hebrides, Scotland, where experiments on soldiers have gone wrong, and now they’re fighting back. This is where the new map ‘Redacted’ takes place. It is the smallest battlefield in the game and the first time the series is going entirely indoors for a multiplayer map.

Battlefield 2042’s ‘Redacted’ is broken up into four quadrants. Two areas are in concrete bunker-like buildings and laboratories with several entrances and exits. These are split into two more open-ended areas filled with rocks, trees, bushes, and the occasional small structure.

The map is a subterranean stage the devs say is inspired by Operation Locker (Battlefield 4) and Operation Metro (Battlefield 3).

New Weapons, Gadgets, and Vehicles

Let’s start with two significant additions to the game: adding ammo and medic pouches. These two tactical items are available to deploy for the support class.

At a preview event this week, the development team said, “While these will not replace crates, they will help improve mobility and pacing for those squad members that want to keep pushing beyond the frontlines and allow for ‘quick refills.’ This will keep the intensity and allow people to push around corners/corridors rather than being stuck in place waiting on crates.”

As for the weapons, there are three being added to your arsenal:

  • VHX D3 – assault rifle meant for close and medium-range combat
  • L9CZ – latest pistol with high accuracy
  • G428 – long-distance DMR with tight accuracy and ‘substantial penetration power

And while the latest vehicle will not be available for the indoor ‘Redacted’ map, Battlefield 2042’s ‘Pondhawk’ is a slick two-person transport that moves quickly and almost looks like a hovering ATV.


New ‘Dark Creations’ Battle Pass and Seasonal Event

There are now four different ways to play through the 10-tier Battlepass. Any “gameplay affecting” items like weapons, vehicles, and gadgets can be accessed for free within Season 6. New this time around is the “Ultimate Pack” that will unlock the first 20 tiers, an ‘epic’ character and weapon bundle.

Plus, a new seasonal event is just around the corner: “Gear up this Halloween and leave your fear at the door in a special time-limited seasonal event that brings new rewards and a brand new mode to Battlefield 2042.”


Season 6 Patch Notes

As with any new season of multiplayer combat, come several quality-of-life improvements, including:

  • Aim assist improvements to help level the cross-platform battlefield
  • Vehicle handling improvements such as tank turns, vehicle speed, and jet handling adjustments
  • Recon balancing: Reworking Rao’s hacking tool and ability, EMP grenades and Casper’s Recon Drone will match the new hacking behaviour
Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Dark Creations will launch on October 10th, just over two years after the game’s initial release.