Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides Expansion Is Coming Soon

The third expansion pack for Battlefield 1 is fast approaching. Turning Tides will give players the chance to experience battles on land, in the air, and out at sea! Battlefield 1 Turning Tides is set to release in two separate waves.

The first wave will launch on December 11th for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners. Players will be able to fight across a duo of epic maps, including Cape Helles and Achi Baba. In a new Operation set on these maps, players can take part in the 1915 British amphibious assault of the Gallipoli peninsula. There will be a new Infiltrator Elite Class, six weapons and two melee weapons added to your arsenal, and you’ll get to rule the waves with the L-Class Destroyer.

The second wave will come in January 2018. This time players are in the North Sea tackling two other unique maps: Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight, with the chance to charge into battle with the new Royal Marines and spawn on the C-Class Airship.