Batman Arkham Shadow

The Batman Arkham Series Returns to VR with Batman Arkham Shadow, A Meta Quest 3 Exclusive Set to Launch Later in 2024

Good news everyone, the Batman Arkham series is back and making its return to VR as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced (via Geoff Keighley) Batman Arkham Shadow, a new VR title for the series that is set to launch later in 2024 as a Meta Quest 3 exclusive.

“Evil stalks the streets. Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it,” Batman Arkham Shadow‘s official description stays.

Unlike its 2016 VR predecessor, Rocksteady Studios has no involvement as far as development goes as the title is being developed in collaboration with Camouflaj and Oculus Studio. While sad not to see the original creators involved in the series they kicked off, Batman Arkham Shadow is probably in good hands with Camouflaj, the studio behind Iron Man VR, another superhero VR title that received well critically.

Other than a trailer, the VR title’s exclusivity, and a short description of the game, details are kind of lacking at the moment like when this game takes place or who is voicing Batman following the passing of the series’ iconic voice, Kevin Conroy. Warner Bros. only teases more of the Arkham universe set game will be announced in an official reveal presentation during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest event on June 7th at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET.