Batman Arkham Origins: Cold Cold Heart Review


After finishing Batman: Arkham Origins, I wasn’t particularly hungry for more. Then “Cold, Cold Heart” was announced, introducing Mr.Freeze to the story. Still disappointed by Origins, I didn’t get excited for the DLC. I had purchased the Season Pass for Arkham Origins when the game came out, being the big Batman fan I am, and with that came “Cold, Cold Heart” so I thought I would download it and give it a shot. I am not disappointed.


Cold, Cold Heart takes place one week after Origins, on New Years Eve. The game takes place in various iconic places around Gotham City like Wayne Manor for one. As the player, you take on the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne as you probably could have guessed. The main objective of the game is to rescue a friend of Bruce Wayne’s from the, then unknown, Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze). Events happen that greatly affect Wayne Manor (I won’t go into detail), which forces Bruce Wayne to make a quick escape. It also presents the player with the challenge of fighting enemies without the luxury of the Bat Suit.


Speaking of Bat Suits, a new suit is introduced in this add-on, the XE (extreme environment) suit. The new suits allow players to withstand the elements to a much greater scale, it is also equipped with thermal batarangs which do come in handy, it also changes the “shock gauntlets” to “thermal gauntlets” but it adds nothing new to the combat. The new bad guys also pose a new threat as if you stand still for too long they will freeze you and lob grenades at you. Another thing that bothered me were the predator encounters. If you’re unaware of what they are, you try to neutralize all the enemies in the room while remaining stealthy. I do enjoy the predator encounters, but it seemed like they were thrown at me every time I opened a door. There were too many.


The story is well written, even though its obviously just the sympathetic, original origins story of Mr.Freeze. They didn’t take the same approach as Arkham Origins with multiple antagonist, and stuck with only two (Penguin and Mr. Freeze). Penguin adds a nice rivalry element to the story, obviously being against Batman, but also butting heads with Freeze.


The ending boss battle with Freeze is a good fight, although its basically just re-hash of the Arkham City boss battle with added difficulty. They do add the option to collapse ice stalactites on him as well.


As with the other Arkham games, there are collectables to be found throughout the city. The three types of collectables are frozen citizens, anarky tags, and anarky riots. All pretty easy but I believe if you miss some you’ll have to repeat the game to find them.

Without giving too much away, I’ll say this. The DLC, although good, is not the best DLC I’ve played. Its quite short and repetitive. The graphics haven’t improved since Origins, but then again that was only last year. But, for $9.99 I would say it is worth buying.

Kyle Youldon


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