Gotham Knights

Batgirl Joins The Fray In Gotham Knights


Although she was the subject of our first look at gameplay from Gotham Knights, Batgirl is back in the last of the official character trailers.

On demonstration here is the seemingly devastating nightstick/nunchaku combo, a grappling gun and a storm of batarangs. While we have yet to see exactly how Batgirl handles, it would appear that she’s all about speed and distance. 

Interestingly, it would appear that this iteration of Barbara Gordon is surefooted and grounded, which seems to run counter to her male companions in costume. Perhaps it has something to do with the saddest detail of this trailer: the revelation that Jim Gordon has seemingly joined Bruce in the land of the no longer living.

Gotham Knights soars like a bat on a fall win onto consoles and PC on October 25th.