Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Group Announces New Purpose and Corporate Logo

Publisher Bandai Namco has seemingly upset fans by revealing its new logo that will go live next year, and will focus on offering ‘fun for all into the future’.

“Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world. Connecting people and societies in the enjoyment of uniquely entertaining products and services, we’re working to create a brighter future for everyone.”

The company sent out a press release revealing the new logo saying, “Our current logo expresses the fusion of Bandai and Namco that was created when the two companies integrated. It will be replaced with a new logo that reflects our new Purpose.”

Bandi Namco’s Current Logo

Right now, the current logo is filled with colour and I feel it stands out against the simplistic logos a lot of companies are switching to.

At some point next year, the logo above will cease to be used on products and the one below will be tagged in. I don’t think it shows what fun is at all if I’m being honest and it feels like the soul of the company has gone missing.

Bandai Namco’s New Logo for 2022


“The new logo’s speech bubble motif, “Fukidashi” in Japanese, expresses the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world and inspire them with amazing ideas. The speech bubble also represents Japan’s manga culture that has become so popular everywhere. The logo stands for our determination to communicate with fans worldwide, to connect with our fans, and to create entertainment unique to Bandai Namco.”

I don’t know how the reveal could have gone any other way given the logo no longer showcases the fun titles the publisher is known for. It’s a massive change and not one that I think the public felt was needed. The company explained their reasons for changing the logo and while it will likely become a non-issue rather quickly, right now it feels like a missed opportunity to do something exciting.

From the press release, this was decided by conducting internal and external surveys with discussions among the employees, who helped pave the way for this decision.

Our Purpose clearly and succinctly expresses how we have always sought to connect with fans everywhere, developing and sharing with our fans in creating innovative IP, products, and services. Together with our fans, we’ll create a new era for Bandai Namco, proudly communicating the reason for our existence,” says Masaru Kawaguchi, President of Bandi Namco.