Bandai Namco Acquires Reflector Entertainment

Late last night, Bandai Namco revealed that they had acquired the Montréal-based studio Reflector Entertainment and its subsidiary Reflector Interactive Productions from Lune Rouge Innovation. Reflector Entertainment recently revealed Unknown 9: Awakening. The studio is comprised of former Ubisoft and Eidos Montréal personnel who left to start their own venture.

“Designing and developing the content we shall publish and distribute is the cornerstone of our strategy,” said Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe COO Arnaud Muller in a press release. “The creative vision and development capacity of Reflector Entertainment will boost Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe’s ability to craft breathtaking experiences over the years. We look forward to working with such a skilled team, and to welcome them to the Bandai Namco Entertainment family.”

Bandai Namco states the acquisition is to expand the company’s Western capabilities. Reflector Entertainment currently employs 120 people, working on the “first book in a novel trilogy written by bestselling author Layton Green, podcast episodes, a comic book series, and the newly announced video game Unknown 9: Awakening.”

“The reach to worldwide audiences and the endless entertainment possibilities offered by the synergies with Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and the rest of the Group will provide a great long-term perspective for the team, here in Montréal,” commented Alexandre Amancio.