Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dates Shift For PS5 and PC

Plus, details on robust character creation

The long awaited 1.o release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is being shifted around for both PlayStation 5 and PC players.

We’ll start with the good news. In a blog post, developer Larian Studios confirmed that the PC version will be bumped up to August 3rd, three weeks earlier than initially announced. A welcome change for gamers who may have been dipping their toes into the Dungeons and Dragons world since it’s early access release a couple of years ago. On top of that, desktop gamers will also see a full Mac release coming in the future. No date was given for that version of the game.

Patience For Console Players

On to the not-so-good news for Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5. It’s being delayed a few extra days to September 6th. It’s not a massive push, but Larian says it’s doing it for one key reason: “This brief delay allows us more time to achieve our ambition of 60 frames per second, thanks to the power of PlayStation 5.”

There is supposed to be an Xbox version on the way, but that has been delayed indefinitely due to technical issues.

Character Creation

In the same post, Larian also outlined more details about its robust character creator, “In Baldur’s Gate 3, we wanted players to experience the same kind of freedom when shaping their own identity. Who you are, what you look like, and how you want to play is up to you.”


There will be a ton of choices for gamers and D&D veterans alike. At launch, you can begin your journey as a Human, Dwarf, Githyanki, Elf, Drow, Tiefling, Halfling, Half-Elf, Gnome, Half-Orc, or Dragonborn. On top of that, there will be 12 classes, including Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard, with a whopping 46 subclasses.

It’s an impressive lineup of choice and one that can be seen in detail in the screenshots they provided.


If the creation tools are too overwhelming or you’d prefer to hop in and get going on your epic adventure as quickly as possible, you can in Baldur’s Gate 3 with Origin characters. Each of these seven heroes or antiheroes are what they describe as “authored, playable protagonists, each with their own stories, desires, and alignments.”

Or you can take a path somewhere in the middle and recruit an Origin character to fight alongside you in your created journey. Larian says the choice is entirely up to you.

The developer is holding a Baldur’s Gate 3 Panel From Hell: Release Showcase on July 7th, where it says it will share more launch details.