Baladins on PC Launching May 15, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Versions Releasing at a Later Date

Publisher Armor Games Studios and developer Seed by Seed have announced that Baladins will launch on PC via Steam on May 15th. As for the console version, both companies revealed the game’s PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch launches will come later.

“They call themselves Baladins, yet they were given many names in the streets over centuries. Itinerant artists, troops, troublemakers, party animals. They are entertainers for a living and travellers as a lifestyle. One day caring for people, the other day snooping around and causing disorder. Alternately glorious or utterly annoying. No one knows what their role is, yet their names remain in the folktales of every household. They stir up rumors,” Baladins‘ game description details.

Baladins is a choose-your-own-adventure multiplayer game focused on narrative and is inspired by tabletop RPGs that can be played in one-hour sessions for those who have “no time for 95-hour games anymore”; multiplayer can be either played locally or online. Baladins is developed with a traditional animation through carefully handcrafted 2D animation on all characters and NPC that, alongside its environments, looks like something visually inspired by the Paper Mario games.

Play as one of four classes with unique skills, including cooking, fireworks, dance or luxomancy, aka a good lamp fixer-upper who will travel the land of Gatherac and unravel all its secrets and legends. Players can shape the characters to fit their playstyle by planning their stats upgrades or picking up items to increase them instead. Decide which path your adventure will follow and what quests to take, but be warned every decision that your characters make will affect the world of your game’s narrative, so be ready to face the consequences.

“Brace yourselves for all the pitfalls you’ll meet along the way, whether you choose to follow your own path or to go full on the rescue mission to save Gatherac! You never know what can hit you in this world, but one thing is for sure: there is a dragon to be taken care of!!” Baladins‘ game description adds.