Badlands Crew

Badlands Crew Revealed, Launches In 2024

Curve Games and Runner Duck are working on Badlands Crew, the third entry in the Crew series set to launch next year.

A roguelike sim set after an apocalypse might sound familiar if you’ve watched Mad Max. While it does look like some inspiration is pulled from the iconic film series, there’s a bit of insanity to the gameplay, so the two seemingly go hand-in-hand.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from Bomber Crew and Space Crew and are working on all new and improved features, which hugely increase the ways players can approach the game,” says John Wingrove, Technical Director and Co-Founder of Runner Duck. “With gnarly vehicle combat and its post-apocalyptic setting, we’re aiming to make Badlands Crew the most exciting and successful game in the franchise.”

Badlands Crew is all about tactical battles where you and your crew protect The Citadel, one of the last surviving outposts, from fanatical marauders, including Gun Nutz, Pyros, Klowns and Vultures, and their leader, The Orator.

A first for the series, players can now build and customize vehicles while engaging in an evolving campaign with tons of combat encounters. There will also be land-based missions and hazards to focus on, including sandworms, acid rain, and lava.

Badlands Crew is set to launch in 2024, releasing first on Steam with consoles later,