Aztech: Forgotten Gods

Aztech: Forgotten Gods Delayed to 2022

Developer Lienzo has made the difficult decision to delay Aztech: Forgotten Gods from the Fall 2021 release window to Q1 2022.

Speaking on the official website for the studio, they acknowledged the excitement around the upcoming title, confirming a demo was on its way to help make the wait a bit easier.

“Aztech is by far the largest project we’ve had the pleasure of working on. It’s been a tremendous endeavor and we are excited for people to experience what we believe will be a very special game,” says Guillermo Vizcaíno
Head of PR and Marketing.  “However, a game like this requires a lot of attention to detail, which in turn, requires time. We don’t want to compromise the game experience by rushing to a deadline, which is why we have decided to move our release window to early 2022.”

The demo is set to go live on Steam beginning on Monday, October 1, and runs through Thursday, October 7, 2021. The demo showcases a showdown against Coatlicue, the All-Mother Goddess, and a slice of Tenochtitlan to explore.