Avoid Hat Hair With Old Spice

While hat hair has been an issue for years and years, it’s also been a necessity to survive in society and maintain some sort of control of our appearance in our day to day lives. Often times, and  I’ve gotten ready for work, fixed my hair for the day, spent time and product, only to have to put a hat and leave my house.

By the time I take my hat off at work, my hair is a mess, it’s flat and it’s out of shape. I’ve been using the new Swagger Gel from Old Spice, swapping out my favorite pomade from the same line, after some usage, I’m happy with the product.

Aside from the excess shine which I’m personally not a fan of, I felt Swagger Gel can keep up with my needs throughout the day, I noticed the gel held even during my gym routine where sweat destroys many products in your hair.

Check out the new Swagger Gel from Old Spice, there’s a good product here that has fit my needs.


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