Avalanche Studios Group

Avalanche Studios Announces Collective Bargaining Agreement Plans With Its Developers’ Swedish Labour Unions in 2025

Not too long ago the developers behind Avalanche Studios, the studio behind the series of Just Cause games announced back in October that over 100 developers unionized with the Swedish trade union Unionen. Avalanche Studios Group has now announced its plans to enter a collective bargaining agreement with its employees’ Swedish labour unions Unionen and Engineers of Sweden, according to a press release.

The actual bargaining sounds like it could go long as the agreement is set to go into effect starting in the second quarter of 2025 which will apply to all Avalanche Studios employees in Sweden. Once everything is said and done the agreement will introduce a new standardization in specific areas for Avalanche Studios employees including salaries, benefits, employee influence, and career support.

In the lead-up to the 2025 start date, Avalanche Studios says it will work closely with representatives from the labour unions Unionen and Engineers of Sweden, the employer organization Almega, and Avalanche’s union club to ensure a smooth implementation of the required frameworks.

“Over the past years, we’ve taken significant steps toward making Avalanche one of the best workplaces in the games industry. Our inclusive, warm, and welcoming culture, sound work-life balance, profit sharing, and parental leave policy – just to name a few – are a testament to that. These are all things that set us apart and allow us to focus on making great games. We hope that signing a CBA will be yet another step in that same direction,” Avalanche Studios Group CEO,  Stefanía Halldórsdóttir said in a statement.

“It’s important for us to approach the transition in the right way. This is why we’re not rushing the implementation of the CBA. We’ll use the coming months to carry out the necessary work in a careful, structured, and non-disruptive manner – all while continuing the development of several new and existing games.”

It’s nice to see for once a game company attempt to not be antagonistic towards its unionized employees and put in the work to make the lives of its developers through a union. Talking about North American game companies here, but there have been a handful of times that after a union has been formed it hasn’t worked out in employees’ favour either through union-busting tactics or straight-up laying off unionized employees, not so coincidentally I might add.

Avalanche Studios’ only announced upcoming project is the Xbox-exclusive Contraband which has no release date or window  but is slated to launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S.