Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart’s Combat Is Wild, Release Date Planned For 2022

Not only will we be seeing Atomic Heart soon, but we also got a great look at the chaotic and action-packed gameplay that is clearly taking queues from the legendary Bioshock series. It’s an alternate USSR reality and it’s time to bust some robot and Demogorgon-looking beasts!

As you can see, there’s A LOT going on in this trailer. Gameplay-wise and whatever is going on with these female robots with knife-like horns on their heads. I’m sure it all comes together in a futuristic world we’ll be more than happy to shoot and hack our way through.

Atomic Heart appears to let you wield a slew of powers in your left hand while firing away with a range of melee weapons and guns in your right. While that idea looks like Bioshock, the gameplay itself definitely looks like it’ll be far faster and potentially more chaotic. It’s difficult to tell if that all meshes together in a fun and engaging play, but it definitely looks promising. Electricity, ice, and levitation seem to be the go-to abilities.

There’s also a great level of detail in the quick shots from this extended Atomic Heart trailer. If you look closely at some of the melee fightings, large scratches and dents appear on the enemy robots upon each hit. While not something that will make or break the game, I appreciate the care it takes to make the world feel that much more dynamic and complete. Not to mention the bloody end many enemies and NPCs are going to be facing; Atomic Heart looks like it’s not holding back in that department and that could also lend to some real satisfying combat.

Along with all this, we now know Atomic Heart will be out later this year on PC and consoles.