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Atlus Raises Base Salary For Employees By 15 Percent

Atlus, the developer behind Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, will raise the base salary of new graduates by ¥300,000 while employees will find a 15 percent increase in pay.

The news is from a press release (in Japanese and translated by DeepL) confirming the move “promotes global expansion” and aims to retain employees.

Atlus Raises Wages for Employees

In total, the increase is roughly CAD 2800.

“As a result of this revision, the starting salary for new graduates will increase from 257,000 yen to 300,000 yen, and the average annual salary for current employees will increase by 15 percent. Additionally, due to strong overseas business development, starting in fiscal 2021, we will be paying performance bonuses funded by worldwide profits,” reads the release.

Parent company Sega also raised employee wages in February, as workers saw an average boost of 30 percent. We are working to reform our various personnel systems so that employees can maximize their respective potential in a comfortable working environment. We will continue to invest in human resource education, including not only the development of a compensation system that
treats employees according to their roles and contributions, but also the expansion of measures to support working styles for every employee to live their own lives, as well as the implementation of training at the “SEGA SAMMY College,” a college within a company and language training throughout the Group,” Sega Sammy said in a press release at the time.

Similarly, Bandai Namco also raised wages by ¥50,000 per month. Capcom has also followed suit by raising wages for its employees by 30 percent to “promote strategic investment in its personnel.”