Unicorn Overlord

Atlus Details Unicorn Overlord, The Latest Game From Vanillaware

Atlus and Vanillawareare celebrate 20 years of collaborations by tackling a new and exciting Unicorn Overlord project.

The tactical RPG uses the recognizable style of Vanillaware games paired with a stunning and engaging art style. The studio says it is working on a vibrant world with an engaging and unique battle system that features online battle modes for modern audiences.


Unicorn Overlord is set on the continent of Fevrith, the home of five nations —Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion— where humans, elves, angels and bestrals live.


Cornia’s General Valmore rebelled against the nation’s royal line and began a war unravelling the continent. We’ll meet Alain, the protagonist and prince of Cornia, as he flees the safety of his nation before leading the Liberation Army working on freeing the subjugated lands of Fevrith. Ten years later, with the legendary Ring of Unicorn in hand, Alain begins his quest to lead his people to freedom.

Vanillaware’s Unicorn Overlord features an expansive world where Alain will encounter many allies and forge bonds to ensure his success. With over 60 characters across all walks of life, you’ll need their help to liberate Fevrith from the Zenorain Empire. As you begin your conquest, you’ll reclaim and rebuild towns with materials, train allies, and more.


Players can freely traverse an overworld map to meet and recruit new allies,​ fight enemies, and liberate and rebuild cities in any order they want.

Every town and fortress you liberate from the Zenoiran forces, armours and provisioners will assist you.


Battles will be challenging, and in each stage, both sides fight to take command of the other’s post in real-time. As the commander, you need to keep an eye on the troops and make decisions on how your units work. Coordinate a unit’s tactics in advance with​ conditions determining how and when skills will be used automatically.


Unicorn Overlord features an online coliseum where PvP battles unfold other players’ units.