Atlas Fallen video game releases

Atlas Fallen’s Gameplay Overview Showcases Action And Exploration

Focus Entertainment’s studio Deck13 Interactive is gearing for Atlas Fallen‘s launch in Augudt with five minutes of new footage.

The trailer centres on the Gauntlet, a magical artifact capable of fantastical things including gliding the sands, shapeshifting your weapons. In a world covered by sand, the Sun God Thelos, a tyrannical ruler must be stopped. He’ll use the Wraiths, divine creatures who protect the land to stop you. A previous trailer focused on the world you’ll be exploring and some of the monsters you’ll face, so it’s nice to see another trailer focusing on the abilities and skills you have available to explore this mystical world.

The developers mention players must recover 151 Essence Stones, each granting you different attacks and effexts to take on the Wraiths and to build a suit that can up to a literal God.

I’ve been pretty eager to play Atlas Fallen since the initial reveal and each subsequent trailer has done a pretty good job at maintaining the excitement I have for this new IP.

We’re just a few months away from August 10 when Atlas Fallen launches on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC.