Atlas Fallen video game releases

Atlas Fallen Reveals Trailer Dedicated To Combat

Focus Entertainment and Deck 13 released a new trailer for next month’s Atlas Fallen with five minutes of combat.

From the trailer’s earliest moments, we see how the protagonist discovers the Gauntlet that allows you to control the sands to face the enemies ahead.

You’ll be able to wield three weapons, use speed and agility to face off against the most unwieldy enemies and unleash combos that flow together thanks to the Gauntlet. As you fight, your weapons grow and build Momentum for devastating results.

With 151 Essence Stones found around Atlas with varying abilities and effects. You can play aggressively or defensively with shields, debuffs and healing abilities. You’ll use various skills to face the Wraiths and adapt to fight across different environments.

Atlas Fallen launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC on August 10.