ASUS Announces Their New Brand Of Graphics Cards

After much speculation about ASUS creating a brand-new brand identity for it’s Radeon RX graphics cards the company announced that, in a strong working partnership with AMD, the AREZ brand of graphics cards. With the AREZ, think Ares (God of War), gamers can ASUS’s innovations and technology with the Radeon graphics processors and software of AMD. Details of these new graphics cards are:

  • Extremely durable – Reliability will be improved by 30% while power loss is reduced and component buzzing is reduced by 50%.
  • Hi-tech cooling – Comes with Max Contact, which gives it a 10x-flatter surface for a greater contact surface area with the GPU resulting in a better thermal transfer. The Wing-Blade fan design delivers 105%-greater static pressure over the heatsink for more efficient cooling and 3x-quieter operation.

The AREZ brand of graphics cards from ASUS and AMD will be available May 2018 in select markets.