Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Pits Players Against The Harpy Queen

Publisher tinyBuild and Acme Gamestudio joined the Guerilla Collective to showcase the upcoming Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

Today’s demo included a battle against Eulalia as Asterigos is heavily steeped in Greek and Roman mythology, a lot of the enemies will be familiar if you’ve ever read up on the lore. Set within the cursed city of Aphes, streets are overrun with monsters and beasts and it is up to you to save the city. However, the Harpy Queen Eulalia will make things not so easy for players.

The demo shows how players will need to adapt to situations including long and close-range combat while also keeping their minions at bay. Hilda will need to explore the cursed city and discover what led to the cursed ensuring Aphes while at the same time discovering new weapons to serve her well in this overwhelming mission.

Wishlist the game on Steam. Asterigos: Curse of the Stars will launch in Q3 2022 on consoles and PC.