Assassins Creed IV: Freedom Cry Review

Having recently restarted my play through of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on PlayStation 4, I was chalk full of Assassin goodness. When Ubisoft announced that the much-anticipated DLC “Freedom Cry,” where you play as Edward Kenway’s former quartermaster after the events of Black Flag, Adewale, was arriving just before Christmas, I was ecstatic.

First off, Adewale is not a regular guy. He was born into slavery and escaped as a teenager, and has lived a tough life. His mannerism show how rough he can be but how eloquent he has become through his interactions with the Assassins.

Freedom Cry is the story of Adewale set 15 years after the events of Black Flag. Adewale has become an Assassin and is on his own. When his ship is sunk and he is stranded in Port-au-Prince, modern day Haiti, Adewale takes it upon himself to set free those who are enslaved at the hands of man. This is their story as much as it is his.

The main campaign lasts roughly four to six hours and includes nine main missions to complete. As you go about completing these, you are tasked with freeing slaves in a multitude of ways. Some are injured and need to be cared for, others are jailed and some are brave enough to run. Adewale uses his stature and skill to build a resistance among these slaves and ignite a revolution for his brothers.

The personal story driven by slavery is a nice reprieve from the heavy sci-fi aspect of the main series. Driving home is the way Ubisoft managed to tie together this tale grounded in the world they have created.

As personal as this game is for Adewale and his story, the game fails to break the chains the series has put upon itself through gameplay. Tail missions and eavesdropping are still a drag. The city feels really condensed and the same goes for the sailing portion of the West-Indies, everything feels smaller than the main campaign.

Given this is a DLC and a mere portion of the main title it is to be said that everything is bite sized. I found minimal time to explore as there wasn’t anything to discover either in the city or on the inlets, caves you find yourself in. A game the prides itself on exploration should have some secrets to uncover.

With this piece of content you are given a very condensed and brilliant Assassin’s Creed game.


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