Asobu Indie Showcase

Asobu Indie Game Showcase Returns This Weekend

Asobu, which is a collective of Japanese indie game developers supported by some of the larger video game developers on the small coastal island, is hosting their third annual showcase this weekend on Twitch and YouTube!

If you are a fan of waking up early on the weekend, then you’ll be able to catch the show live at 7 ET. However, if you elect to sleep in, the show will be available on both channels on demand shortly after the live airing. 

What’s on offer is 80 different games, either currently out or coming soon to Japan, all introduced in both Japanese and English, along with messages from the games’ creators and a handful of secrets and bonuses.

For those looking to take in the announcements with a community of international gamers, there’s an official Discord!

For those looking to dive head-first into the games themselves, a matching Steam Event page will gather demos and highlight sales on current and future Japanese indies, starting at the premiere of the video on July 30th and running until August 5th.