Immortals of Aveum Ascendant Studios

Ascendant Studios Reportedly Furloughed Most Of Its Staff

Ascendant Studios, the team behind Immortals of Aveum, has reportedly furloughed most staff.

“Ascendant Studios has furloughed the majority of their staff,” said Kriss Morness, a former employee who departed last year. “I can’t imagine what that would be like as that is worse than getting laid off.”

Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter then corroborated the news. Ascendant Studios has seen layoffs following the launch of Immortals of Aveum last year, with nearly half of its staff being let go.

While critical reception was positive, Immortals of Aveum’s poor sales left no means to employ its entire team.

During an interview with, Bret Robbins, founder of Ascendant Studios and creative director of the first Dead Space game, spoke on the launch and future of the developer’s debut game. “People were discovering [Dead Space] for years and years,” Robbins tells, “I think Immortals will be the same.”