Arranger: A Role-Playing Adventure

Artful Puzzler Arranger: A Role-Playing Adventure Revealed During Nintendo Showcase

From developers who created some puzzle classics

In a 25-minute presentation of upcoming Nintendo Switch games, it’s easy to miss some more minor but more exciting titles. Arranger: A Role-Playing Adventure is one of those.

The game arrives as a debut title for the studio Furniture & Mattress. David Hellman helped bring indie darling Braid to life, Nick Suttner brings his writing style from their work on Carto, and designer Nicolás Recabarren takes their work from Ethereal to the latest adventure in Arranger.

The team also promises a great soundtrack from composer Tomás Batista, who worked on Per AsperaThe music features a unique style of South American stringed instrument of the charango.


Protagonist Jemma “moves through the world in her special way,” shifting tiles and objects around to reach an exit, speak to others, smash enemies, or collect items.

The charming trailer shows off quite a bit of what the game will offer when it releases. Arranger looks to be a clever role-playing adventure with various areas to explore and traverse. Each one looks like it has its own strange and quirky cast of characters, good and bad.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure can be wishlisted today and will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Netflix, and PC & Mac in the summer of 2024.