Arms Gets A New Update

Nintendo’s boxing phenomenon Arms is a ton of fun, with not much else to do currently. It looks like Nintendo is doing something about that though, as with the latest patch for Arms we’re seeing additions to the game.

First off, LAN mode arrives for Arms with patch 1.10, LAN mode is for docked units, allowing for more traditional ways to play on consoles. In addition, Arena mode with Spectator mode is now available.

Aside from a new fighter coming, a former boss will appear as free DLC, Max Brass will be one intimidating fighter, especially after facing off against him in arcade mode where he mopped the floor with me.

  • LAN mode added. While pressing the left stick, press L+R on the main menu to switch to LAN mode.
  • Arena mode, with added spectator mode.
  • Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq fixes for sliding boards.
  • Bug fix for Ribbon Girl stage, which some arms didn’t properly hit the boxes.
  • Text-fix for the Grand Prix story.