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Are Name Changes Finally Coming To PSN?

When users signed up for PSN back in 2006, little did they know that the name they chose back then would haunt them in 2018. In twelve years, DeezNuts has always been known as DeezNuts, but new reports are saying this won’t be an issue soon.

A source close to Sony divulged the news to Kotaku and said the latest software update (6.0) laid out the groundwork for allowing users to be able to change their username.

Speaking anonymously to the gaming website, as they were not authorized to share the news, three different people at different studios confirmed they’ve been working on squashing bugs ensuring their games work with Sony’s update.

A fourth person in the industry also shared a photo with Kotaku which was classified as an internal document instructing on how to change your username. When asked last year at PSX 2017, Shawn Layden of PlayStation told Greg Miller that “you won’t have to ask me this question at the next PSX” 

Unfortunately, we learned last week that this year there would be no PlayStation experience, giving Sony a loophole on the subject. With only two months to go before the end of the year, we can only hope Sony pushes this highly requested feature out.