Arcadian Atlas

Arcadian Atlas Launches In July For PC, Later For Consoles

Serenity Forge and Twin Otter Studios revealed tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas is coming to PC next month by revealing a new gameplay trailer.

Set in the world of Arcadia, a kingdom on the verge of tearing itself apart with dark forces about to awaken, you’ll engage and face off against factions, alliances, and more.

One look at the gameplay, and I think you’ll find comparisons to Final Fantasy Tactics, a staple of the genre and one of the best entries of all time. It’s hard not to compare the two games. Frankly, Arcadian Atlas is seemingly pulling the right strings to reel me in when it launches next month.

The isometric SRPG promises more than 12 unique classes, each with custom skill trees and equipment, including potion-brewing apothecaries and magic-imbued warmancers.

With the power of Atlas now out in the world, no one is safe from its power.

Arcadian Atlas will be released for PC via Steam on July 27. It will be released for consoles later this year.